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Iharanikkei Chemical (Thailand) was established in Thailand since 2016 as a subsidiary of Iharanikkei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. which is the innovation of the chlorination technology and being core business in Japan with expertise in Chemical Technology development for many industries. We aim to expand our business and build a business foundation in Thailand to produce the premium chemical products for using as a fiber raw material.

We committed to deliver the quality products to customers, also committed to protect the environment, build up social responsibility, and ready to support development in the community and committed to grow steadily with our employees.

We will continually develop our business for better chemical products and please continue to support us. Thank you.

- Mr. Toshiaki Kaneko (Managing Director)
Corporate Profile

Iharanikkei Chemical (Thailand)Company Limited

29 November 2016

445,000,000 Thai Baht (As of 1 July 2020)

52 Persons (As of 1 Jul 2020)


Iharanikkei Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. conducts business with non-stop growth under intense competition market condition and a sustainable environment. We, and all employee must operate under policy of "Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental"


The company aims to be an efficient manufacturer of chemical
products and create stability in maintain environment sustainably.

To growth continued

The company aims to growth continued, product delivery and service with highest quality service to customer.

Good returns to shareholders

The company aims to create good returns to shareholders with steady growth

Social responsibility and environment

The company aims to conduct business with social responsibility and environment.

to build awareness, and develop

The company aims to build awareness, and to develop employee competency to continuously development.

  • Establishment

  • November 2016

    Established in November 2016

  • June 2017

    Ground Breaking Ceremony

  • September 2018

    Grand Opening Ceremony

  • October 2018

    Start operation

  • Expansion Project

  • December 2019

    Ground Breaking Ceremony for Terephthaloyl Chloride Project

  • March 2021

    Start operation

Business Site
Company Location :

8/8, Phangmuang Chapoh 3-1 Road, Huaypong Sub-district, Muang Rayong District, Rayong 21150